Restaurant • SAN FRANCISCO, CA

The turquoise blue color of Wildseed’s back bar tile and the moulding details anchor the space, while an abundance of plants and gold and brass accents create a fun and lively feeling. Several different mixed wood tones add warmth and a natural sensibility, while a fresh white palette brightens and modernizes the details. Principal Designer and Founder of ROY, Hannah Collins notes, “For the design of Wildseed, we wanted to create a space that felt, alive, healthy and vibrant.

There are lots of "healthy" restaurants that use green, white and light wood but we wanted to tweak that a bit and have it feel more special. The space is all about feeling good and feeling vibrant.” A large botanical mural fills the private dining room space which creates a magical garden room, while lots of fun accessories are scattered throughout the dining rooms.

Photography by AUBRIE PICK
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