Hazy BBQ

RESTAURANT & Bar • Danville, CA

Modern BBQ is now a thing! Hazy BBQ took inspiration from the beautiful hazy Mt. Diablo that borders its location and turned an industrial development project into the home of a delicious refined BBQ joint. Leaning into architectural industrial features, we allowed the materials to define a sweet balance of masculine and feminine. Soft cognac leathers, unique lighting and a playful mural inspired by the style of “hazy” beer flutter through the interiors and add to the casual but sophisticated ambiance. A large wooden multicolored landscape installation creates a strong focal point for the dining room and a custom light blue way finding sign and menu light guide you along your ordering journey through the space. Donald Judd inspired banquettes and wooden communal tables ground the space in an effortless modern interpretation of what a BBQ spot can be today.

Photography by Jordan wise
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