Who is ROY?

ROY is a full service hospitality design studio based in San Francisco aimed at creating conceptually driven designs while preserving functionality and value. Our approach is extremely collaborative. Our goal is to build memorable brands that have a strong point of view.

Formerly known as Hannah Collins Designs, ROY was founded by sisters Emily and Hannah Collins in 2013, who combined their passions for the hospitality industry and storytelling through design. Growing up and working in the restaurant business has given them a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the industry.

Our Values

We believe gathering and sharing a meal is a fundamental part of being human and a catalyst for positive change in how we live and thrive in our communities.

We believe that when design and concept are in harmony, they create a memorable experience bigger than the sum of their parts.

We believe when form and function align to create a strong concept, we can create spaces that are emotionally irresistible.